Guiding principles anchor our program and provide a way to measure and evaluate how we are doing. They are the North Star that we try for. For this campaign, our principles are:

This principle comes straight from Scott’s career in consulting. Despite the fancy names and PowerPoints, every project in consulting really boils down to just two ways consultants help clients:

A. Grow the top line.
For corporate clients that means revenue growth. For you, it means finding ways to grow your wages and income. No matter what your income is today, how you vote or who you vote for, or what you do, when you are the client (constituent), Scott’s job is to help you grow your top line by improving your wages and earnings.

B. Improve the bottom line.
For companies it’s about reducing costs to improve profits. For you, it’s about finding ways to reduce the costs of your major life expenses so that you get to keep more in your pocket. Republicans play this game, too. But they only focus on taxes, which is just one small part of the cost picture. They ignore the big hits from healthcare, education, insurance, housing, and everything else. Scott’s job is to look at your total costs and find ways to help you keep more of your hard-earned money through public sector innovation.

Republicans are not the enemy. Scott refuses to consider them as such. They have values, goals, and beliefs that translate into policy choices. Scott may disagree with them intensely, but will not demonize them as human beings.

Every day, we need to be able to sit down and have a coffee or a beer and talk policy with Republicans. If we can’t do that, then our democracy is doomed. If elected, Scott pledges to meet at least 150 Republicans in Congress during his first term and find something to share that is positive about each of them.

In that process, he will work to find some form of common ground that can be used to advance an agenda for a better America.

Ideas matter. Campaigns are not supposed to be about protecting incumbents, but engaging in dialogue, finding new ideas, challenging assumptions, and enticing new audiences to consider our Democratic Party.

With this campaign, I will bring new ideas for you to consider. Not every idea will be a winner. Some might fall flat. But at least you will get to hear something other than the standard talking points. I will commit to specific structural changes for a bolder American future.

If any of these ideas have merit, then they also have the potential to live beyond a single person or campaign. Win or lose, the goal is to add value to the public discussion.