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Meet Scott

Scott is a pragmatic, problem solving Democrat with a unique background combining community development (Peace Corps) and technology consulting.  He will focus on structural change and innovation to make progress on our biggest challenges.  In this campaign for Oregon's 1st Congressional District, Scott walked over 500 miles in your neighborhoods, listening and learning directly from you.  He would gladly do it again. 

This election choose a Better American Future!  Vote by May 17!

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Supreme Court & Roe

  • Scott supports a woman’s right to choose. 
  • The Supreme Court leaks shows a Court on the brink of going rogue and partisan.
  • Scott will prioritize a constitutional amendment for Equal Rights.
  • Scott will advocate for Court reform to include staggered term limits.  

100k Jobs of the Future

  • Add 100k high paying AI/Cloud related jobs in Oregon
  • Bet big on technologies of the future - Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc.
  • Create skill pathways and job ladders from K-12 to Community College
  • Fund paid internships in ‘Acceleration Centers’ to build job ready skills.

Semiconductor Leadership

  • Relentless support for semiconductor manufacturing in Oregon
  • Challenge and advocacy for the next frontier in chip architecture
  • Creative thinking on land use and space for more chip factories
  • Advanced training for the semiconductor workforce of the future

End Homelessness in America

  • Federal coordination and funding to end US homelessness in 2 years.
  • Transitional dorm-style housing that is safe, secure, caring, scalable.
  • Increase mental health & drug addiction support & funding.
  • Increase long-term permanent low-income housing.

Modernize Public Institutions

  • Drive digital innovation into federal agencies and services.
  • End Chinese and Russian hacking of US Government data and networks.
  • Professionalize institutions to provide better, faster, cheaper service for citizens
  • Empower federal agencies to deliver results, eliminate micro-managing red tape.
  • Recreate culture of excellence, demand high quality federal service and ethics

Lower cost of college by 90%

  • Cut the cost of a college degree for working adults by up to 90%
  • Increase college attendance for working Americans by 400%
  • Increase the average education level in America from 12 years to 16
  • Make America the most educated society on the planet

Safer Cities, Better Schools

  • Better policing, yes.  Defund, no.  
  • Reduce police shootings by 50% in four years.  
  • Better schools, higher quality:  Surge resources to failing schools.
  • Empower & Engage parents on school curriculum.

Pandemic Recovery

  • Independent National Commission for lessons learned, reforms and future plans
  • Get testing right:  Fast, Free, Easy, and Everywhere (F2E2)
  • Reinvent Surgeon General & US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
  • Focus on our children - this changed their world forever


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